Thanksgiving Day Video Released

As tomorrow is Veterans Day, and Thanksgiving is approaching, it seems fitting to make the next announcement.

Chris Poloni, an independent film maker was introduced to the song “Thanksgiving Day” by a music business consultant friend of mine, Linda Miller of Linmil productions.

After hearing the track Chris decided to create a video to go along with the song. We had no budget, so it was all done on the fly, in between Chris’s normal filming and directing gigs and of course my weirdo schedule. But Linda kept us on track and now Chris has come up with a really heartfelt video interpretation of “Thanksgiving Day”.

I would like to thank Chris and Linda for making it possible for the song to have another medium to be presented in and for all of their hard work.

The video is available on YouTube or here on my website video page. Please feel free to share it and embed it
where ever you would like!