New YouTube video – First of The RedRoom Sessions

The RedRoom sessions are a series of very raw live videos recorded in my studio, RedRoom Recorders in Tampa Florida.

I have an extensive back catalog of songs from previous albums that deal with themes running through the years and lives of myself and those that have inspired me to tell or create the stories that are encompassed within these songs.  Through the years, I have changed as a songwriter, a musician and in all aspects of my life, so I thought it would be interesting to revisit some of these songs all these years later, and find out what they mean to me now.

My intention is to look into the heart of one or two of these songs every other week or so, break them down to the barest forms and then see where they take me. Sometimes they will change, as in the very first attempt at this, “Rome Is Burning”. Looking at Rome through the lens of all those years, and then seeking to discover where those years have brought me, took the song in a new direction, a new feel and even into a new story.

You can see the “RedRoom”, at, take the virtual tour, be part of the experience. Most importantly, if you like the songs, the videos, share the experience with others that may get something from listening.

So all for now, I hope you enjoy the first  song, with more to come from “The RedRoom Sessions”.