Its up to you

“It’s up to you.”…John Wesley, Radiohead…could we see a trend?? A month ago I started the “Share the Wes” policy with all my studio albums…all available for unrestricted download with a paypal button set up for the furthering of the music.

Pay nothing, pay a little, pay a lot, but whatever you do, download the music, listen and “Share it”.

In that month over 17,000 John Wesley albums have been downloaded by old and new listeners all over the world. Radiohead have now announced a similar policy for their new album, one of the highest profile bands to do so yet. Download their new album, pay them something….however much or however little…it’s “up to you” as it says on their download site.
Hopefully a new trend in music has begun that will give more people the opportunity to hear more music, for less money! I am continuing my “Share the Wes” policy, it’s all there on the front page of my site, take it, listen to it….share it…”it’s up to you”.

See you on tour with Porcupine Tree!

Cheers! WES